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Tel Aviv Museum of Art
4 - 5 September, 2018
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It is our great pleasure to host the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact 4th Annual Gathering and Mayors' Summit in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, scheduled to be held on 4-5 September 2018.

We will be hosting scholars, professionals, policymakers, city officials and public administrators from 167 cities worldwide to enhance collaborations in the spirit of the Milan Pact.

The gathering will take place at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and discuss many issues, including food policy, healthy and sustainable nutrition, food waste reduction, food supply in an era of climate change and sustainable urban procurement. We will also hear about Israeli ag-tech and food-tech innovations.

The MUFPP 4th Annual Gathering and Mayors' Summit is being held in conjunction with the Tel Aviv Cities Summit, which is part of the DLD Tel Aviv-Yafo Innovation Festival.

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality looks forward to welcoming all of you!



"We Will Work to Develop Sustainable Food Systems that are Inclusive, Resilient, Safe and Diverse"

The MUFPP is an international pact signed by 173 cities from all over the world with more than 450 million inhabitants.

By signing the MUFPP, the mayors and representatives of local governments commit to the following:

  1. To develop sustainable food systems that are inclusive, resilient, safe and diverse, that provide healthy and affordable food to all people in a human rights-based framework, that minimize waste and conserve biodiversity while adapting to and mitigating impacts of climate change;

  2. To encourage interdepartmental and cross-sector coordination at municipal and community levels, working to integrate urban food policy considerations into social, economic and environment policies, programs and initiatives;
  3. To seek coherence between municipal food-related policies and programs and relevant subnational, national, regional and international policies and processes;
  4. To engage all sectors within the food system in the formulation, implementation and assessment of all food-related policies, programs and initiatives;
  5. To review and amend existing urban policies, plans and regulations in order to encourage the establishment of equitable, resilient and sustainable food systems;
  6. To use the Framework for Action as a starting point for each city to address the development of their own urban food system and share developments with participating cities and our national governments and international agencies when appropriate;
  7. To encourage other cities to join our food policy actions.


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*The content of the agenda is subject to changes

14:30 - 17:30

Workshop (for beginners): establishing a food policy


Pre-event Cocktail Reception, hosted by the Mayor of Tel Aviv, Mr. Ron Huldai

09:30 - 12:00

Morning - Plenary Session (translation to English & French is provided)

Climate change & urban food policy

13:00 - 15:30

Afternoon - Parallel Sessions

  1. Round table: green innovation and sustainable urban procurement (session is full, standby only)
  2. Healthy and sustainable nutrition
  3. Resilient Cities & Food Security on a Community Level

16:00 - 18:00

Late Afternoon

Milan Pact Awards Ceremony



Delegations' gathering and cocktail

09:30 - 13:30

Morning – Plenary Session (translation to English & French is provided)

Israeli AgriTech and FoodTech Innovation

MUFPP cities in action: Monitoring Framework,  promising practices and trend analysis. The collaborative activities of FAO and the MUFPP Secretariat

14:30 - 16:30

Afternoon – Plenary Session (translation to English & French is provided)

Reducing food waste


Closing Session

Shuttle to the Innovation Blvd
Innovation Blvd Exhibit: “From Field to Plate”

Venue - Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a municipal museum and one of Israel's leading art and cultural institutions.

The MUFPP 4th Annual Gathering and Mayors' Summit is being held in conjunction with the Tel Aviv Cities Summit, which is part of the DLD Tel Aviv-Yafo Innovation Festival.

The 9th Annual Tel Aviv Cities Summit is scheduled to take place on 4 September 2018. It will present a variety of urban innovations and underscore crucial challenges facing cities around the world. The Summit is one of the highlights of the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival – a citywide celebration of creativity and technology. These events provide a wonderful opportunity to experience our city’s thriving innovation ecosystem together with thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs from across the globe.

The museum is comprised of three buildings: the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, the Main Building on Shaul Hamelech Boulevard and adjacent to it, the new Herta and Paul Amir Building, which was dedicated in the fall of 2011 and doubled the museum's exhibition space.

Designed by American architect Preston Scott Cohen, this state-of-the-art building is a landmark in downtown Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel’s cultural capital.
We will convene in Asia Hall, located in the new wing of the museum.

*For an additional information about accessibility at the summit or requesting accessibility adjustments, please contact:

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The MUFPP 4th Annual Gathering and Mayors Summit is held in conjunction with the Tel Aviv Cities Summit, part of the DLD Tel Aviv-Yafo Innovation Festival.

The festival serves as a wonderful opportunity to experience our city’s thriving innovation ecosystem,
together with thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Bon Appetite Program

Tel Aviv–Yafo joined the group of leading global cities that signed the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP), which promotes healthy and sustainable food policies in its member cities.
The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality has begun formulating and implementing a cross-organizational food program in the city.
The program is led by the Environmental Authority in Tel Aviv–Yafo, which works together with professional organizations from the public and non-public sectors,
including NGOs, academic institutions and government offices.

The Bon Appetite program focuses on creating solutions designed to improve the city's overall health and sustainability. These two main elements have driven the planning and implementation of various programs throughout the school system, community and local government.

Backed by collaborations with various municipal agencies and other partners, the Bon Appetite program offers training courses to teams of professionals that aim to promote healthier lifestyles in the city.
Reflecting this holistic approach, the basket of goods sold under municipal tenders has been upgraded and now includes healthy alternatives that meet high standards. This is achieved through community engagement, workshops and lectures that encourage the public to adopt a healthier and more sustainable way of life.

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About Tel Aviv-Yafo

As the ultimate 'nonstop' city, Tel Aviv-Yafo is known for its 24/7 cosmopolitan lifestyle, characterized by a diverse cultural scene, culinary options ranging from street food to gourmet, 14 kms of white sandy beaches, bars, cafés, parks, shopping, and picturesque neighborhoods such as Old Jaffa and Neve Tzedek.

It is the second largest city in Israel with an especially young population: about one out of every three of the city's 450,000 residents is between the ages of 18 and 35.

Tel Aviv-Yafo is also known as “The White City” after being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Home to the largest concentration of Bauhaus buildings in the world, the city is a true architectural gem.

Tel Aviv-Yafo boasts of over 600 early stage startups, which are led and fed by Israel's world-class programming and engineering talents. These companies are born into a highly developed ecosystem consisting of multiple R&D centers, established by multinationals such as Google, eBay, Microsoft, Cisco and IBM.

During the last few decades, Tel Aviv-Yafo has become famous worldwide for its vegan and vegetarian cuisine. The city currently offers over 400 vegetarian and vegan-friendly eateries that are fused with Mediterranean culinary tastes, incorporating a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The real secret of the city's success lies in its carefree and liberal mindset, kilometers of white sandy beaches, leading cultural institutions, diverse array of restaurants and vibrant nightlife, making it a relaxing, exciting, thought-provoking and inspiring place to be. That special vibe is what fosters the thinking outside the box and creative spirit that are Tel Aviv-Yafo's hallmarks.

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During the last few decades, Tel Aviv-Yafo has become worldwide famous for its vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Today, the city offers more than 400 vegetarian and vegan-friendly kitchens fused with the Mediterranean culinary lifestyle which includes large consumption of fruits and vegetables.

The true secret to the city's success is the carefree and liberal approach, the kilometers of white sand beaches, the leading cultural institutions, the diverse range of restaurants and the vibrant nightlife which relaxes, excites, provokes and inspires. It's that special vibe which allows the necessary outside the box approach and creative spirit.


Please click the hotel pictures for more information and to book a room. Transfers to and from the venue will leave from the Carlton Hotel. Prima City hotel is about 12 minutes’ walk from the meeting point to the shuttle.




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